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We have world Canadian Designed and Patented products used by world renown companies of North America.

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Our innovative designs focus on consumer health & safety and are used in our client’s consumer products.
Our leading products are Diverter Valves | Atmospheric Vacuum Breakers | Pressure Balance & Thermostatic Valves | Backflow Preventers

  • Tub & Shower Accessories

    Complete range is available.

  • Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker

    The only High Flow Atmospheric Vacuum Valve on the market that is designed to pair up with all type of rim mount faucets.

  • Backflow Preventer

    High Flow 3-outlet, 3-mode deck-mounted diverter valve, ideal for large tub applications.

  • Bidet Diver Valve

    Featuring an integral atmospheric vacuum breaker and 2-mode operation, including rim wash and vertical spray.

  • Shower Diverter Valves

    Very versatile diverter valve with 3 outlets for showerheads, body showers, hand showers & tub spouts.

Welcome To Omni Brass

Omni Brass Inc. is a leading valve company in Toronto, Ontario established in 1989 with its mission to continually create and innovate plumbing products that are first on the market. We are involved in manufacturing wide variety of highly functional valves especially designed for unique installation. We believe in exceptional service and work hard not just to provide you with incredible variety of products but also a technology that fits all. Whether you are looking for an atmospheric vacuum breakers, backflow preventers, diverter valves, pressure balance and thermostatic valves – we’ve got them all for you.

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