The BV635 is a 1/2″ compact shower diverter valve with an integral stop, the body is forged brass the cartridge is a ceramic disc. The body has 1 inlet and 3 outlets ports, the inside of the ports are rimmed 1/5″ for copper pipe the outside 1/5″ NPT. threaded is not a sheering cartridge, and detent, if only two ports are used then cap the unused port. Several individual water flow configurations can be programmed. When diverting the water from one port to another the transaction is smooth and gradual thus eliminating water hammer.
Standard the spline is a 20 tooth broach. For all Omni Brass valves, the spline is interchangeable also extensions are not required.
Careful: when soldering kip the torch flame away from the valve body; overheating the body may damage the plastic cartridge.
Trim: there are 2 types of trims to choose from the gallery, select precisely the type of trim you required and components model and finishing type.
A cartridge with an integral stop can help to eliminate volume control for “Thermostatic or Pressure Balance Valve” also the control can be done simply by one handle.
The diverter valve is capable of delivering 10 GPM @60 psi.
It is certified to CSAus. B125 and ASSE standard


The BV635 a very versatile shower diverter valve. The body and related nut are cast brass. It has 1-inlet and 3 outlets. The outside of the ports are NPT thread and the inside are rimmed ½” for copper pipe. The 3-outlet mode can be changed on a 2-mode and they can be either right-side or left-side, after that plug the port not in use, in addition there is no sharing modes. One other feature is it has an integral stop, this unique feature helps to eliminate the typical valium control required for thermostatic valve as well as provide the luxury for multiple installation by means of using only one handle to direct the water flow to: shower head or hand shower or spout or stop. This valve has an ideal positive detent and a smooth seamless rotating means eliminate water hammer. The valve has a flow rate capable of handling volume in excess of 10 gpm at 45 p.s.i.


The standard spline is a 20-toothed broach but can be customized
according to manufacturers’ specifications to fit any handle.
This BREDAVALVE® valve is easily serviceable from after installation.
This design utilizes a single convenient, removable patented cartridge.
No special tools are required for servicing or installation.
Certified to CSA, and ASSE Standards.


3-outlet, 1-inlet, wall mounted diverter valve.
Ceramic disc cartridge with non-sharing ports.
A corrosion-resistant cartridge, and all brass body
Cartridge easily accessible after installation.
Standard ½” threaded and sweat connections.
The seamless switchover from mode to mode eliminates
Flow rate is over 10 gpm @ 45 p.s.i.

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