The BV631, shower diverter cartridge is available in two versions, SHARING and NO-SHARING. The engraving is in the front of the body nut with the insignia (N) for NO-SHARING
and S for SHARING. Standard with each valve is two S.S. stop washers. One is for 180-degree turning, the other for 90-degree turning that can be used for either right or left-hand installation, by just reversing the washer. Also, present it has a detent washer.
Should only be required to use two ports than plug the one, not in use.

Spline: All spline has 20 teeth, the inside screw dimension of 1/4″x 20UNC 2B. and 83mm. long.
Sleeve: All sleeve has 9/16″x20UN 2A thread by 68mm. long. Bothe Spline and Sleeve have a cutting groove for custom fitting.
The spline is held in place by the sleeve, should an extension required, just replace the sleeve and spline with a longer one.
The BV631 shower diverter has one inlet and 3 outlets of 16.02mm {1/2″}. The outside ports have a 1/2″ male thread, and the inside is rimmed for 1/2″ soldered copper pipe.
The BV631S and N valve are certified to CSA B125 standard.

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