The BV100 is a 3/8″ Bidet Diverting Valve with an Integral Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker. The function of the vacuum breaker is to preclude contaminated water to re-enter in the potable system to which the bidet is connected. The BV100 vacuum breaker is the safest feature for Bidet with a vertical spray inside the bowl and with an overflow below the bidet bowl rim.
The Bidet handle cap has two markings signify- one for the spray and one for the rim. When installing the BV100 diverter valve handle, make sure the valve handle is turned all the way to the front (6) o’clock) then press-fit the cap on the handle and make sure the marking correctly point as intended. RIM FIRST-SPRAY SECOND

How to use a Bidet.

The bidet bowl looks like a toilet, but the right way to seat the bather has to face the wall.
It is very important to seat first then divert the flow to the spray, other ways the water from the spray, will shoot out all over.
The valve handle cap marking should be facing at (6 o’clock), which means the water first exits from the rim, then open the COLD and the HOT water and leather run for one minute. As the water kept running simultaneously the rim get warmed. As the hot/cold water is running, set the water to a comfortable temperature, then slowly divert the water flow from the rim to the spray.
In a set down position, turned the tempered water to the spray, now safely and pleasantly enjoy a soothing Bidet experience.
This valve also features a convenient, minimum continue spray flow when set on rim mode, as well a minimum continues to flow when set in the spray mode.
The BV100 diverter valve is also is available with Omni Brass special designed fittings and hoses and vertical aerated spray.
The BV100 Bidet vacuum breaker is certified to CSA B125 standard as well IAPMO and ASSE

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