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Is a (H.F.A.V.B.) High Flow Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker. The Body and Cap are Forged Brass, and the inlet and outlet copper pipe sizes are 1/2″ and the finished in Chrome.

The BV202-10 purpose is; HEALTH and SAFETY


1- The BV202-10 (H.F.A.V.B.) vacuum breaker is designed to enable a whirlpool piping system with jets pump included to be: CLEANED, DISINFECTED and RINSED in a shorter time with less water.
2- A whirlpool after each use, the inside of the piping system pump included, tends to be coated with a squamous sticky film created by the soap or other oily substances, as well the water is
soiled with dead skin from the bather.
3- This unsanitary sticky squamous film inside the whirlpool if NOT cleaned immediately after each usage of the whirlpool can be dangerous and may transmit diseases.
4- By using the BV202-10 (H.F.A.V.B.) it will safely enable to CLEANED, DISINFECTED and RINSED all types of whirlpool piping system pumps included.
5- The BV202-10 offer TWO (2) method to clean the inside of a whirlpool, piping, pump included; METHOD (1) ONLY WATER.
A whirlpool having the HOT/COLD water line connected to the BV202-10 (H.F.A.V.B.) can be economically CLEANED, RINSED with water.


7- All wirlpools equiped with a DISINFECTANT CANISTER DISPENSER tugether with a BV202-10 (H.F.A.V.B.) installed and conected, can be safety CLEANED, DISINFECTED, RINSED pump included in a
short time, and with a inimum waist of water to a

8- Conventionally, to CLEANED, a whirlpool piping system including the pump, requires lots of time and water, and for this reason, many whirlpools are not regularly or timely Cleaned.

9- Installing the BV202-10 (H.F.A.V.B.) in whirlpools, allow them to be CLEANED, DISINFECTED, and RINSED, as well filled by the jets thus saving time and water, yet complying with Building
codes. also, it will save time and water.
10- To CLEANED, DISINFECTED, and RINSED, a whirlpool safely can be carried out by THE BATHER itself or a CHAMBER MADE. or a CARE-GIVER
11- The BV-202-10 (H.F.A.V.B.) can be coupled with all types of Rim/Deck mount faucets, easy to install, maintain, serviceable from above, no special tool is required
12- With the BV202-10 (H.F.A.V.B.) installation, a whirlpool quickly can be filled by the jets thus a spout is not required

1- The rationale behind the (H.F.A.V.B.) is to protect the potable water system by precluding contaminated water sources back into the potable water system.
2- The installation of the BV202-10 (H.F.A.V.B.) whirlpool can safely be CLEANED, DISINFECTED and RINSED pump included after each usage.
3- By regulation, all whirlpools, required to be CLEANED, DISINFECTED and RINSED pump included soon after each used.
4- Its believed lots of time Whirlpools are NOT properly CLEANED, DISINFECTED and RINSED pumps included as it required lots of time and water, and for this reason, whirlpools are not properly
and timely carried out.
5- As of today, many Whirlpool or Walking-tub Whirlpools are installed in Hotels, Hospitals, Senior Citizens, as well in residential homes.
6- Whirlpool or Walking-tub Whirlpools can be CLEANED, DISINFECTED and RINSED pump included soon after each used in a shorter time and minimum waste of water by simply installing (H.F.A.V.B.)


1- The BV202-10 is made to be installed with all types of Whirlpools, connect the HOT and COLD water line of the faucet to the (H.F.A.V.B.) inlet, then the outlet to the disinfectant canister
inlet, then connect the disinfectant outlet to the pump intake, (where a check valve is required to be installed) downstream of the disinfectant tee connection.
2- The BV202-10 vacuum breaker is intended to be installed in a horizontal position.
3- Whirlpool and or Walking-tub with a BV202-10 (H.F.A.V.B.) installed on them, can be filled through the jets spout is not required.
4- To install the (H.F.A.V.B.), it required a hole of 48mm, (1,800″ inc).
5- The Inlet/Outlet of the (H.F.A.V.B.) is two 1/2″ copper pipe (16 mm-(1/2″) X 200 mm. (8″) long.



The BV202-10 is a (H.F.A.V.B.) high flow atmospheric vacuum breaker for rim-deck mounted fitting. Ideal for large tub applications such as whirlpools, Walking tub or soaker SPAS. with jets. Quiet in operation, the flow rate is over 20 GPM at 60 psi


This BREDAVALVE° valve is easily serviceable from above the deck.
No special tools are required
Certified to CSA, IAPM0, and ASSE Standards


Rim-mounted atmospheric vacuum breaker.
Components easily accessible from above the deck
Corrosion-resistant, all brass body.
Standard 1/2″ copper connections. or,
Standard 1/2″ hoses with stainless steel casing
Available in chrome finishes.
Flow rate about 20 GPM at 60 PSI.


Max operating temp 160°F/71°C
Max operating pressure 125psi/861Kpa
Patent Pending USA, CA.


All BREDAVALVES° are certified to the standard requirements of CSA, IAPM0 and ASSE. The certification program allows the BREDAVALVE” to meet all North American plumbing codes, Federal, State/Provincial and Municipal. Please check your local plumbing codes for any additional requirements.

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