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The innovating Features and Benefit in the SIENA offset shower column spas are unique not found in other shower column, Italian designed crafted in China.


  1. The SIENA offset shower column spa can be installed either on the Right or Left side of the existing shower valve control.
  2. For an elegant and good appearance the hose is not dangling in front of the existing shower control.
  3. The diverter valve is closer to the floor comfortable for Children or Small persons
  4. The SIENA column is constructed of brass.
  5. The shower head is stainless steel.
  6. The hand shower is ABS plastic.
  7. Finishing available in Chrome and Brushed Nickel.


  1. The freedom to choose the installation on the LEFT or RIGHT
  2. By having the hose hanging straight down rather hanging from a 45 elbow
  3. The diverter valve is closer to the floor ideal to use for Children and Small person.
  4. For long life usage and free of problem we choose to use Brass.
  5. 8″ Stainless steel shower head to better withstand: Calcium, Lime and Rust
  6. The hand shower in ABS plastic.
  7. Finishing , standard in: Chrome and Brushed Nickel,

Extra and subject to the MOQ. we may consider to offer other finishes colors.

  • Includes The Following:3 Way Diverter.
  • 5 Function Handshower With 1.5 Cm(60″).
  • Flex Hose 7″ Rain Head Single Function.
  • Material: Brass.


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