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The BV100 is a 3/8 diverter valve. It features an integral atmospheric vacuum breaker, one 3/8″ brass inlet, two FIM. brass outlets and one 20 tooth spline The valve is self lubricant 1/4 turned diverter. It features a rim wash, a vertical spray with an aerator for a smooth soft therapeutic spray experience.
Also available are Omni brass proprietary designed fittings, the hoses with 3/8″ fittings can be fastened only by hand Teflon tape or players are not required. From the BV100 valve gallery, you may choose these specially designed fittings.
One 3/8″ elbow, One 3/8′ Y, One spray fitting with an aerator, Two hoses 12″ long, one hose 24″ long, one complete pop-up assembly, trim and handle stile.
Additionally, this valve features a continuous spray flow when set on rim mode and a minimum continuous flow when set on spray mode. This valve is serviceable from the top. From the gallery, you may choose the appropriate fitting for a complete installation
The BV100 valve is certified with CSA-us B125 and comply with ASSE standard.
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The BV100 is a bidet diverter valve featuring an integral atmospheric vacuum breaker and 2-mode operation, including rim wash (for China bidet bowl with reim wash)and vertical spray.
The BV100 is a compact diverter valve that also it’s available with specially designed fittings by Omni Brass like stainless steel hoses 3/8″ elbow and 3/8″ ‘Y’ fittings.
By using Omnibrass fittings it will be Convenient, Easier to assemble, Save installation time as the fitting needs only hand tight.
The valve also features a convenient, minimum continuous spray flow when set on rim mode, as well as a minimum continuous flow around the rim when set in spray mode.
The BV100 valve is in code compliance with the standard, also the valve can be coupled with virtually all types of china bidet bowls and faucets, but must have a self incorporated outlet-spout and a vertical spray.


  • The standard spline is a 20-toothed broach, but can be customized according to manu¬facturers’ specifications to fit any handle.
  • This BREDAVALVE® valve is easily service-able. Its special design utilizes a single convenient, removable patented cartridge. No special tools are required for servicing or installation.
  • Certified to CSA and ASSE Standards.

  • Bidet diverter valve with integral atmospheric vacuum breaker.
  • Corrosion-resistant, engineered plastic.
  • Self lubricating ¼” turn diverting valve.
  • Available as an assembly with hoses, trim, pop-up, and spray.
  • Minimum continuous douche spray flow when on rim mode, as well as a minimum continuous flow around rim when in spray mode.
  • Spline can be custom ordered.
  • Brass inlet and spray outlet.


Max operating temp 160°F/71°C
Max operating pressure 125psi/861Kpa
Patent Pending USA, CA.


All BREDAVALVES® are certified to the standard requirements of CSA, and ASSE. The certification program allows the BREDAVALVE® to meet all North American plumbing codes, Federal, State/Provincial and Municipal. Please check your local plumbing codes for any additional requirements.

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