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The BV202-10 atmospheric vacuum breaker can be used to filling Whirlpool or Walking tub through a jet, thus eliminating the use of a spout, further more it can be used to: Clean, Disinfect and Rinse the entire Whirlpool piping system including the jets and pump ideal for: Hospital, Commercial, Institution, and Residential. This will help to save water, time and energy.

The BV202-10 A.V.B. is designed to be installed on a horizontal position it can be coupled with all type of rim/deck mount faucet ease to install and maintain

The BV202-10 is the only High Flow Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker Fitting, with an elegant first class style and designed that can be installed in a finished wash room. It can only be installed in a horizontally position also it can be pair with all type of rim/deck mount faucets. It is ideal in assisting to: Disinfecting, Cleaning and Rinsing, Walking or Whirlpool  Bath Tub including the piping system jets and pump in less time, water and energy conventionally used, as well Whirlpool Bath tub can be filled by a jet thus eliminating the need of a spout. The BV202-10 Vacuum Breaker is designed to preclude contaminated water back in the potable water system.
Cleansing material used with BV202-10 must comply and be certified with and to the F.D.A. standard, ideal for: Hospitality, Commercial, Retirement Homes and Residential establishments especially when whirlpool is requires daily cleaning and disinfecting, it is estimated the process can be completed in approximately (5) minutes and 10 gpm. all this it will help save: Time, Water and Energy.

All BREDAVALVE® valve are easily serviceable from above the rim/deck,  no special is required



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