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  • The BV. 202A is an (H.F.A.V.B.) -High Flow Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker. The unique feature of this fitting allows Whirlpools and or Walking-tubs including the entire piping system pump included to be individually Cleaned, Disinfected and Rinsed in a short time and with minimum waste of water.           The BV202A vacuum breaker allows  Whirlpool and or Walking-tub to be filled through the jets, the spout is not required as well this vacuum breaker is intended to be installed in a horizontal position the thickness of the deck can not be more than 30 mm. (1-3/8″) the hole should be 48mm (1,800″ in)           the Hot/Cold inlet is 2 copper pipe tale, (16 mm-(1/2″) X 200 mm. (8″) long.  The body and cap are one-piece forged brass finished in chrome.                 The 2 principal rationals of this fitting are: HEALTH and SAFETY
  • HEALTH- to protect the potable water system from contaminated sources.
  • SAFETY – to Clean, Disinfect and Rinse the entire whirlpool piping system pump included after each usage by minimizing wastage of time and water.
  • The BV-202, A (A.V.B.) is ideal to be used with Whirlpool or Walking-tub especially where a quick fill is desired
  • Today Walking Tub or Whirlpool is mostly installed in Hotels, Hospitals, Senior Citizen as well Residential Home, however, whirlpool or Walking-tub they required to be Cleaned Disinfected and Rince soon after each usage, all these sequences and procedure to are rather long and costly as well time-consuming must of the time they are not carried out properly.
  • The BV-202-10 A. vacuum breaker is designed to be installed on a horizontal position, it can be coupled with all type of rim/deck mount faucet ease to install and maintain serviceable from above.



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